The Tsais'  Honey in Neimen



In recent years, the price of honey has risen year by year as the output of honey plummeted. What makes everyone favorite honey become expensive? The reason is climate? Or pesticide use? We will visit Tsai, a beekeeper who lives in Yongfu community, Neimen, Kaohsiung to learn about bees, an industry that is closely linked to the climate and environment.

Kaohsiung Agricultural Bureau said that the climate changed and the low temperature of the litchi and longan flowering is less than the required number, so the price of honey products has risen relatively rapidly in recent years. Kaohsiung city government holds annual honey evaluation. Maintain honey product standards through control to enhance consumer confidence in honey products.

The Tsai three brothers in Yongfu community, Neimen, Kaohsiung, beekeeping for countless generations. They often get honey evaluation First and Grand Prize organized by the Kaohsiung City. Their children study in Jing-Yi elementary school. Through interviews with parents, we opened a bee study period fraught with danger and surprises.

Mr. Tsai Zong-Guo won the first Grand Prize of 2017 Kaohsiung Longan Honey Evaluation

Source: Gangshan District Peasant Association